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K-pop mingles with classic cinema through our exclusive New Jeans Bunny stickers! These designs blend the charm of our beloved New Jeans Bunny with bold, adventurous scenarios, making them an irresistible addition for fans and collectors alike.


**Design One:** Capturing an iconic scene reminiscent of "The Sound of Music," our first design showcases the New Jeans Bunny holding two uzis, ready for action. A playful twist on a classic cinematic moment, this design seamlessly fuses music and adventure.


**Design Two:** Embracing the thrill of a heist, our second design illustrates the New Jeans Bunny on roller skates, gripping a switchblade in one paw and a bag of money in the other, speeding away with its loot.


You can select between two enchanting backgrounds for each design: the crisp white for a clean and sophisticated look or the mesmerizing holographic finish, which shines and reflects a cascade of colors with every turn.


Each 3" sticker boasts impeccable detail and craftsmanship, designed with materials that resist wear from water, sunlight, and scratches. They're the ideal size for embellishing laptops, phones, notebooks, and any other belongings you wish to personalize.


Whether you're a dedicated K-pop enthusiast, a classic cinema lover, or simply someone in search of striking sticker designs, our New Jeans Bunny collection promises to captivate. Experience this thrilling fusion of music, adventure, and art. Secure your favorites today!


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New Jeans Bunny Sticker

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