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Cut Options

Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and Transfer Cut Decals

There are a few key differences between the three decal cut options. The paper backing on each one will be different.

22-10-26-DCL-die cut bubble image-600x300-compressed.jpg


Die-cut is a cutting technique that cuts through both the vinyl decal material and the paper backing. This leaves no material around the decal, similar to how a cookie cutter cuts out shapes from a sheet of dough. With this technique, each decal is individually cut out to the contour of the design, resulting in individual decals with no paper material around the design.

22-10-26-DCL-kiss cut bubble image-600x300-compressed.jpg


Kiss-cut is a type of decal cutting that only cuts through the vinyl layer, leaving the paper backing intact. This results in a paper material border around the decal, making it easier to peel off. This method of cutting is beneficial as it provides extra material around the decal for easier peeling.

22-10-26-DCL-transfer cut bubble image-600x300.jpg


The transfer cut option means that the vinyl decal material will be cut to a specified shape, graphic,
or text, and then any excess or unwanted vinyl material will be removed, leaving no vinyl background on the decal. After this, a transfer tape is placed over the remaining pieces of vinyl. This tape holds all the individual cut pieces of the decal design together, and also allows for multiple individual pieces of vinyl decal material to be placed on a desired surface cleanly and evenly, once the paper backing is removed from the decal.

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