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"Rev Up Your Ride with our 'Move before I Tokyo Drift this thing all over your face' Bumper Sticker!


Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force takes the wheel in this hilarious homage to the Fast and the Furious franchise. This bumper sticker adds a dose of humor and attitude to your vehicle, promising a wild ride ahead.


Whether you're a fan of fast cars, outrageous quotes, or just looking to inject some fun into your daily commute, this sticker is sure to turn heads and spark conversations. Order now and let the laughter ride shotgun! 🚗💨 #TokyoDrift #BumperSticker #MasterShakeLaughs"

Master Shake's Tokyo Drift Bumper Sticker 7" Funny Bumper Sticker

SKU: SB363338599
$9.00 Regular Price
$7.65Sale Price

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