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My name is Sande

I'm a creative spirit with over 11 years of graphic design experience under my belt. My adventure into the freelance world began in 2020 and it was in the whirlwind of colors and shapes that I discovered my true calling - designing stickers and decals that stand out from the crowd. 

Just a year after this exciting journey began, I was making waves on Facebook Marketplace and had proudly chalked up almost 10,000 sales on Etsy. How did I do it, you ask? Well, I believe the secret sauce lies in my eclectic mix of products. From humorous bumper stickers that brighten up your commute, to sophisticated wall decals that can transform any room, my creations aim to inspire and amuse in equal measure. But it's not just about stickers and decals! I also specialize in designing business cards, postcards, banners, and other marketing paraphernalia that help small businesses thrive.

When I'm not pushing pixels around on a screen or plotting the perfect die-cut, you can find me nestled north of Atlanta, Georgia, enjoying a tranquil life with my partner of 20 years and our two beloved cats, Tango and Minzy. My leisure hours are filled with exciting Stardew Valley quests or engaging in the mystical world of Cult of the Lamb. When I feel like switching gears, I might just delve into some weird and wonderful watercolor explorations, or maybe I'll be spotted in my indoor jungle, tending to my vast collection of green, leafy friends. 

This is my world, full of color, creativity, and cats.
Welcome to the journey!

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