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Are you tired of all the bumper stickers cluttering up your car? Do you feel like you're too old to be making statements with your bumper stickers? If so, then you'll love the "I am 30 or 40 Years Old and I do Not need This Bumper Sticker" design.


Inspired by the hilarious Master Shake quote, this bumper sticker is perfect for anyone who's over the bumper sticker trend. Made with high-quality materials, this sticker is built to last and won't peel off or fade away in a few short months.


So, if you're tired of being bombarded with slogans and statements every time you're stuck in traffic, then this bumper sticker is for you. Stick it on your car and let the world know that you're too old for this bumper sticker nonsense. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, just quote Master Shake and say, "I am 30 or 40 Years Old and I do Not need This Bumper Sticker!"


Made with 4 mil. gloss white vinyl digitally printed with Eco-Solvent inks able withstand exterior exposure without material deterioration when viewed under normal conditions for period up to two years.

Master Shake 7" Funny Bumper Sticker

SKU: SB568744447
$9.00 Regular Price
$7.65Sale Price

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