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Make a witty statement on the road with our "Brain Worm 2024" bumper sticker. This tongue-in-cheek design humorously comments on the absurdities of political news, featuring a clever illustration of a brain entwined with a worm, symbolizing the bizarre claim of a presidential candidate about a brain worm affecting his cognitive functions.


Perfect for sparking laughter and conversations at stoplights and parking lots, this bumper sticker is ideal for anyone with a taste for political satire and a playful approach to current events. It’s a humorous reminder that sometimes, the world of politics can be as strange and unexpected as fiction.


Affix this sticker to your bumper to display your keen sense of humor and your perspective on the mental fitness of those in or aspiring to high office. It’s not just a decoration—it’s a declaration of your engagement with the zeitgeist, sure to amuse and provoke thought in equal measure. Whether you're driving through town or parked at a rally, the "Brain Worm 2024" sticker is a great way to express your views with a smirk.

Brain Worm 2024 9" Funny Political Bumper Sticker

$11.00 Regular Price
$9.35Sale Price

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