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A Memorable Day at Braselton Artisan Market: My Sticker Selling Adventure

Braselton Artisan Market is an award-winning festival that has been captivating art and antique enthusiasts for 19 years. As a first-time participant, I had the incredible opportunity to showcase my collection of funny bumper stickers, water bottle decals, laptop stickers, and custom designs. The scorching hot day did nothing to dampen the spirits of the attendees, and my stickers brought joy to kids and adults alike.

The Braselton Artisan Market Experience Braselton Artisan Market is renowned as the largest antique and artisan festival in Northeast Georgia. With over 350 vendors, it attracts visitors from adjoining states, making it the perfect platform to share my sticker creations. The festival's vibrant atmosphere, live music, and tantalizing food trucks created an inviting ambiance that drew crowds of eager shoppers.

The Power of Funny Stickers

Spreading Laughter and Joy As a sticker enthusiast, I have always believed in the power of humor to bring people together. At Braselton Artisan Market, my collection of funny bumper stickers and curated sticker designs for literally any surface (water bottles, laptops, and cars!) found their perfect audience. The laughter and smiles generated by my stickers were priceless, creating a positive and lighthearted atmosphere at my booth.

Personalized Stickers

Unleashing Creativity and Individuality One of the highlights of my sticker-selling adventure was the opportunity to offer custom designs and decals for homes and cars. Customers loved the idea of personalizing their belongings with unique stickers that reflected their interests, hobbies, and individuality. It was incredibly rewarding to collaborate with customers and bring their ideas to life through my creations.

Connecting with Customers

A Memorable Experience At Braselton Artisan Market I had the pleasure of interacting with a diverse range of customers, from young children to seasoned sticker enthusiasts. The joy on their faces when they found a sticker that resonated with them was truly heartwarming. The event provided a wonderful platform to connect with people who shared a passion for art, creativity, and self-expression.

Embracing the Heat

Weathering the Hot Day Despite the sweltering heat, the enthusiastic turnout and positive response from customers made the scorching weather more bearable. As I engaged in conversations with visitors, the shared love for stickers and the festival atmosphere helped us forget the heat and focus on the enjoyment of the event.

Participating in the Braselton Artisan Market was an unforgettable experience that exceeded all my expectations. The vibrant festival, coupled with the enthusiasm of visitors, made it a resounding success. Selling my work at this event allowed me to share my creativity and bring laughter to people's lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with customers and be a part of such a beloved event. I look forward to future adventures at the Braselton Artisan Market and other exciting venues to continue spreading joy through my sticker creations.



Join me for an unforgettable experience at the October Fall Festival, the largest show in the lineup of Braselton Artisan Market. This award-winning festival attracts visitors from all over the East Coast, and with its diverse range of handcrafted goods, there's something for everyone. From funny bumper stickers to personalized decals, my booth will bring laughter and joy to the event. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind festival with free admission and parking. Mark your calendar for October 27th to 29th and discover the magic of Braselton Artisan Market at 115 Harrison St, Braselton, GA. See you there!

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