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"Woke Up and Chose Stupid!" 😴🚗 Let Our Sloth Driver Sticker Add Some Humor to Your Day!


Life's too short to take seriously, and our sloth driver knows it! This sticker features a lovably lazy sloth behind the wheel with the caption "Woke Up and Chose Stupid," adding a dose of light-heartedness to your everyday routine.


Whether you're a dedicated sloth enthusiast or just appreciate a good laugh, this sticker is perfect for adorning your car, laptop, or any surface. Share a smile with others who appreciate the art of embracing life's silly moments.


So, why not join the sloth's laid-back approach and let go of the need to be serious all the time? Order this sticker today and add a touch of whimsy to your world! 🌟😄 #SlothDriver #FunnyStickers #WokeUpAndChoseStupid 🦥🛣️

Sloth Woke Up and Chose Stupid 3" Funny Sticker

SKU: SB859589654
$3.55 Regular Price
$3.02Sale Price

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